Our Internet of Things Studio brings new technology solutions to the current device ecosystem, as well as a wide range of additional Internet of Things applications, to life.

Our experience in development tools stances us to handle new digitally connected journeys based on current & future technologies. Our engineers are prepared to integrate the next generation of device interaction and feedback, to and from devices, and highly scalable platforms, but also real-time analysis to respond to different scenarios.

All data generated by wearables and IoT-enabled devices can be collected, stored, and processed on an appropriate cloud platform. Achieving knowledge and valuable insights through the use of the appropriate Big Data strategy or enabling intelligent interactions. Users get the best of both worlds once you combine IoT and Big Data.

Connected IoT Services that help you grow.


Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT makes a connected enterprise by merging the information and operational department of the industry. Industrial IoT is a transformative manufacturing strategy that helps to improve quality, safety, productivity in an industry.


Health Care

Purplenow’s Smart Healthcare Solution for the healthcare sector enables healthcare facilities to increase safety and treatment effectiveness, improve care quality and reduces overall expenses.



Purplenow will transform Transportation & logistics systems, supply chain management with the help of the Internet of Things and other top-notch technologies.


Autonomous Driving

Purplenow focuses on autonomous driving, beginning with self-driving vehicles or transportation systems that operate without the intervention of a human driver.



We develop cutting-edge apps for wearable devices with microcomputers and sensors. Smartwatches, smart eyewear, and fitness trackers and many more



The agriculture industry has an impact on many aspects of the economy, both locally and globally. Crop management, precision agriculture drones, smart greenhouses, and soil sampling solutions could significantly increase agricultural harvest and quality.